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NSB skd211 Desel Shunter - Rory Wilson

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NSB Skd 221 61: by Rory Wilson

In October 1933 Borsig received an order from Deutsche Reichsbahn for forty Kleinlokomotive II (a design that was to be built with few changes over the next thirty years) to be numbered Kö 4447 to 4486. All were delivered by the end of October 1934: 4447 to 4466 to the Stettin Division, 4467 to 4485 to Breslau and 4486 to Berlin.

4462 went to Barwälde (Neum), a sub-shed of Stettin Hbf, in September 1934, but by 1937 it had disappeared off the division's books, although there is no record of were it went. In 1942 it was again listed at Stettin and in 1945 it was listed at Nordhausen; the latter, if not both - must be wrong.

In either March 1941 or late 1944 (1941 is more likely) the loco was taken to Norway on the Deutschland and allocated to Eisenbahn Baustab Norwegen Nr. 701 (where it worked is not known, but it was probably not on the construction of new lines); it later passed to the contracting firm of Sager & Woerner.

At the end of the war it passed into the control of Direktoratet for fiendtlig eiendom (Commission for enemy property), but in March 1946 it was sold to NSB, which numbered it Skd 211 61. Latterly it was in use at Oppdal(between Trondheim and Dombås) and it was withdrawn in December 1963. By 1960 it had received new lights and buffers, the latter permitting a small snowplough to be attached. The cab had been fitted with drop windows and doors with a small window; this may have been done during the war, but - if so- the door was probably not the original one.

It was almost certainly painted in the standard red livery with white lettering; the NSB insignia was on the cab- side above the number, which was written Sk.d 61. on the Kiruna-Narvik line. The cars, which will each have a capacity of 30 metric tons, will be built by Kockums Industrier, Sweden. The only known photo can be seen on the Norsk Jernbaneklubb's site under Skiftetraktor.

Sources: Die Einheitskleinlokomotiven der Leistungsgruppen I und II;Große, Troche; Freiburg; 2002. Various copies of På Sporet.

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