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Norwegian Notes - Pre 1900 Loocomtives - Compiled by Judy Freeman

ON my last visit to Norway I attended the March meeting of the Vestfold branch of the NJK at Rastad Station when the subject was [Steam locomotives in Norway prior to 1900] Part two will be [post 1900]
I took notes of the locomotives but did not transcribe my notes till recently, so if there are mistakes many members will know more than I do, but I have included them for what its worth.
NNtype15_63.jpeg - 80Kb

Type 15 nr 63 at Larvik Photo Postkort

Norwegian Locomotives pre 1900

Hamar-Grundsets Banen

1861 Type 1"Tronderen" Narrow Gauge
1862 Type 2"Haakon" and Sverre' First with a swinging Bissel bogie
1865 Type 3"Halidan With an Adams axle
 Type 3"Tjalve" class   
 Type 4"Trygve" class   
1875 Type 6 [7]"Asteroide class."The Trygve class was too heavy
 Type 8 "Hedin" and `Hogne.""
Smaalensbanen, Merakerbanen, Eidsvoll-Hamar Banen
 Type 9" Motals" classStandard gauge locomotives with low axle weight
 Type10" Motals" class Type 10 Standard gauge locomotives with 3 axles and a 2 axle tender
 Type14" Motals" class Type 14 Standard gauge locomotives built by Baldwin with a cowcatcher
Popular in Trondheim but had difficulties with spares
1861 Litro D [NSB type 7] Shunter built by Manning Wardel to a standard English design.
[was also used for passenger traffic
1884Type 8Standard gauge locomotives used on the Merakerbanem
1884Type 9 "Trygve" type with added water tanks and larger tender. Used on the Rorosbanen
1884Type 11,12,13 `Planet' class Standard gauge locomotives, Rebuilt 1891 as `'Saturn' class
1884Type 14 Type 17 Standard gauge locomotives
Built by Nydqvist och Holm with 3 axle tender with rear steering
1884Type 15 Standard gauge locomotive with 3 axle tender & Walschaerts gear
1884Type 16 & Type 17 Standard gauge locomotives.
Engineer Jacob Gronvold. Ordered from the USA and delivered within 8 weeks. 1884
1884Type 19 and Type 20 Standard gauge locomotives
1884Type 21 and Type 22 Standard gauge locomotives
These locomotives were specially suited to cope with the bends on the Setesdalsbanen
and had a low axle weight
NHJLitra B Standard gauge locomotives. Engineer Lauritz Hoff
1891Type 11, Type12 and Type 13
  Standard gauge locomotives Built Dubbs-Leveransen.
 Type 16 Standard gauge Locomotives. Built with a close coupled tender
NHJ Litra E & F Standard gauge locomotives. [No 95 was still working in the 1960s]

NNtype20.jpeg - 41Kb

Type 20 nr 201 at Flekkefjord Station ca 1955. 12 Photo Ukjent

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