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SJ Swedish Coach Numbering - From an Email Discussion By Phil Spiegelhalter:

Note by editor
Phil first published this List on the Website: with the hope that members will be able to add or clarify the different classification of the coaches. So if you can help perhaps a definite list of the earlier coaches can be produced. Replies to the Webmaster

This is probably another one for the patience of my local guru Adrian !
Swedish Loco numbering seems to re-use old numbers (most apparent between Steam and Electrc Locos - such that using the loco number for a dcc address can produce duplcation ), and they do not readily identify classes or sub types as per the UK / Germany.

Coach classification appears to be almost equally 'random' - but in general the length identifies the age/design.

23.5m1930's/40's Heljan/NMJ
24.1m1960's as modeled by NMJ and
24.6m1980's Roco
B6 = 21.9m 1940s
F5/F6 = 16.0m,1960s
WL1 = 24.5m1960s [no known models], and a few other exceptions

Numbering is in date order, not precisely, so you can guess date of order, rather than the delivery date and this applies to locos as well as coaches; Private operators may reuse old numbers, but this was not the general practice of SJ. 

Sub types are identified, for example, the Rc is split into Rc1-Rc7 etc.
Consulting my Svenska Person-och Motorvagnar 1999 by Lennart Nilsson
[Svenska Jarnvagsklubben]
- an excellent source of picture/interior and tech details.

[It does not include the UIC AB8K of earlier discussion:- My models have just arrived and the quoted length is 23.5m for SJ4587.
The window spacing is not squashed and 10 compartments but it should have only 9.
The AB8K does appear in Svenska Personvagnar 1982, 23.5m [as per 1930s/1940s, but also as other 1950s designs].

I have no problem with the classification letters used, but understanding the sequence ( or apparent contradiction of numerical sequence of the numerical suffix, which follows, means I am always puzzled by them. )

Writing this out with dates and lengths has helped. It has been changed several times C was third class, it is now Couchette; A was sleeper, it is now first class; etc]

For completeness: [first letter(s] information from the book above [1999 data]
some SUFFIX letters:

Variants A, B, C F = parcels included
SuffixesN hired to NSB
  K of 'International train interest': FOR USE TO DENMARK
  via Ferry at time Helsingor-Kopenhamm, -Rodby
  F profile, voltage, anchorage points
  S kiosk
  T Vacuum/retention toilet

  First Class Coaches   A 1st Class Coaches
A2 (K)
x65 built 
inc A12K A22 A23. Some converted to B12
(2nd class, but still with 2+1 seating!)
x35 built 
(rebuilt 1970s to a slightly different appearance, with the same
body-shape but lower windows; some with (1960s) ribbed effect!)
x24 built 
7=1930s, 17=1940s
x60 built 
inc A7F A7FA A7M. Some also rebuilt as A11 for X2000-relief
train (dark blue, to operate with 180km/h Rc7 in theory)!

Composite First/Second AB   1st / 2nd Coaches
AB2 1960-6224.1m x35 built 
AB3(K)1961-6424.1m x78 built  inc AB3K
AS4KT braintrain  x1 built smokefree version of AB3
AB4 1930-4823.5m x39 built 32=1930s, 7 built 1940s

coach2.jpeg - 182Kb

SJ AB4 2971 at Ostersund in 1989

coach3.jpeg - 305Kb

SJ B2 2557 at Stockholm in 2008

 B Second Class  B 2nd class Coaches
B11960-8024.1m x100 built built inc B1, B1N, B1K, B1KN, B1KT
B21988-8926.4m x45 built inc B2, B2F, B2FA
B31942-4923.5m x10 built IBAB B3, B3A
B51961-6724.1m x115 built inc B5, B5B, B5K,
B5N = 1 conductor + 4 pass compartments (5 compartments at first;
some 1+4; some 3+2=(2 small family rooms)
B61940-4921.9m  x171 built inc B6F, B6G ­ suburban coach
B71979-9026.4m x171 built  inc B7, B7F, B7FA B7M
Some also rebuilt as B11 for X2000-relief train!
B8 1st 1930-5223.5m x226 built  98=1930s, 28=1940s, many 1940s modified to B15
BR 2nd1991-9226.4m x38 built  'FamilyB7': play area replaces 4sets of seats
B91979-8326.4m x38 built InterRegio version
B13(K)1961-6424.1m x3 built inc B13,B13B, & B1B Khandicappe 2cmpt open salon ­ modified from AB3
B20198926.4m x1 built 

coach4a.jpeg - 193Kb

IBAB BC3 3462 at Ulriksfors in 2004

BC 2nd class SeatingCouchette
BC1 1948-51 23.5m   x13 built 
BC2 1942-52 23.5m   x76 built Liggvagn inc BC2, BC2K
BC3 1950-52 23.5m   x76 built IBAB variant of BC2
BC4 1985-86 26.4m   x3 built Liggvagn

coach4b.jpeg - 28Kb

SJ F24KR 55201 at Malmo in 1953

BF/F Seating and Freight Parcels Resgods/express Resgods
BF1 1957-59 23.5mx42 built 
BF2 1943-50 23.5mx21 built 
BFS9 1979-82 26.4mx31 built InterRegio BSF9,BSF9F
F24K F33 1961-62 16.0m35+10 built SJ Express gods (35=F5, then F33
10=F6K F24K one is now S17 conversion to Train Heating van!)
F52(K)  1943-50 23.5m x 24 built as SJ Express
FV1  1937-49 14.5m  x 285 built originally F5-LÅ, as modeled by Heljan)

D Post Coaches
D46 1947-57 23.5m x31 built postwagn - DF46 for a while!
D48 1965 24.1m x20 built  postwagn - DF48 for a while!
DV30 DV30F 1964-66 14.0m x58 built 2 axle box van rebuilt from 'Gbs' van

The X suffix usually indicates driving controls, but again this has changed over the years!
The U prefix indicates a trailer within a unit (see later).

M   Manouvering [Driving Control Coaches]
UA2X1990-1995x14 builtX2000 Driving Control Trailer 1st
UB2X1991-1997x29 builtX2000 Driving Control Trailer 2nd

coach5.jpeg - 112Kb

UA7R 5543 at Uppsala in 1993

coach6.jpeg - 108Kb

R3 3216 at Lulea in 1975

R Restaurant  / Servering Coaches
R1 1960-62 24.1m x21 built 
R3 1953-54 23.5m x15 built A 1940s design despite years built!
R4 1987-1988 26.4 x15 built or 8? BISTR0
Some also rebuilt as R11 for X2000-relief train!
RB1 1968-69  24.1m  x25 built 16 then rebuilt as R2
RB2 1941-46  23.5m  x5 built 
RB4 1942-1952  23.5m  x20 built  BISTRO

WL Wagon Lits  Sovvagn Coaches
WL1 1964-65 24.5m x25 built Sovvagn
WL2 1946-52  23.5m x37 built Sovvagn
3 per compartment, 4476-4485 have doors between pairs of compartments
WL4 1990-92 26.4m x27 built Sovvagn2 per compartment,
with WC/Showers small windows
WL5K 1956-59 24.1m 20x built Sovvagn inc WL5
inc WLK5M = bogie change also NSB
WL6 1993-94 26.4m x23 built Sovvagn 3 per compartment End Corridor WX/Shower

No mention here [1999?] of the WL2 modelled by Lima] - see my addition - 1940s coaches withdrawn mid-90s, except for 1970s rebuilds (mostly)!

coach7.jpeg - 131Kb

SJ WL4 5589 at Osterund in 1993.

     Special Coaches
S1R      Number 3607 rebuilt from A5 as a conference coach
S1T      Number 5248 delivered in same body as A7/B7, as a conference coach
(model by Roco (with wrong interior)) - several others followed eg
S23T  1999  x1 built  Colour Train from AB3K for Stromstad Goteborg Ferry connection
S3L  1931 23.5m   x1 built  Kings coach

U Unit part of eg coaches for X2 > X2000 / Lynx etc
UA2 x1 built 
UA2G x41built 
UA2GK x13 built 1st Class G=conference coupe K=ferry> Denmark
UB2 x6 Built 
UB2B x8 built UB2B=ticket stamping machine
UB2F x42 built 
US2FK x25 built with 72 not 76 seats
UBS2 x6 built 
UBS2B x8 built 
UBS2FK x7 built as Kiosk/Servering
URB2 x13 built 
URB2G x9 built 
URB2K x2 built as Buffet

V 2-axle (otherwise bogie assumed)

Currently, yes; A2 has bogies, FV1 doesn't. However, earlier type codes were for example, Ao2 with bogies, F5 without!

XElectric Multiple Unites
Electric eg X10 the'X' is for electric units,
X1 Stockholm Localtrafik EMU (others not listed here for space and time reaons)
X2 Power Car and UA2 UA2G UA2GK UB2 UB2B UB2F UB2F US2K
Diesel Units
Diesel eg Y2 Y6/7

coach8.jpeg - 37Kb

S12 5544 Cinema Bistro at Falkoping in 2003

Special Coaches:
S1 Conference coach
S2 Bistro/Restaurant coaches+
S3 King's Coach
S4 conductors coach
S5 Disco bar coach S6 from 60's
S7 from resgods
S10 Culture
S11 Bio Cinema ex AB3 coaches
S12 Bio Cinema ex R4 coaches

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