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To contact Specific Oficers of the Society please use Email Addresses shown below.
Otherwise please use the email form at the bottom of the page
and your request will then be passed onto the appropriate person.

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Joining the SRS If you are interested in any aspect of Scandinavian railways we would welcome you...
Membership is open to everyone interested in the railways and/or tramways of 'Scandinavia'.

Please feel free to browse the website and also visit the facebook page, for events, regularly.
The photographs publicly accessible on this website may be used for private research, and remain the copyright of their owners.
We hope they may encourage your interest in the wide variety of Skandinavian Railways, and inspire you to travel to the area too!

A PRINTED MAGAZINE called Skandiapilen is produced with (rolling) stock reports and articles and is sent to ALL members.

The Reference Library is, of course, available to all members and contains both printed works and other material (see Library Page)

The Society operates in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Members details - supplied by the member - are held by the Membership Secretary.
As part of the processs, ALL MEMBERS are being asked to return a SIGNED COPY of the Membership (Renewal) Form sent with Skandiapilen.
Please also note that the BANK DETAILS have changed (in 2018) - contact the Membership Secretary FIRST if paying by BACS this time.

In Addition, there is a 'Closed Group' / Email-list intended for communication within the membership
All members providing their email addresses are invited to join this GoogleGroup as this allows faster
and more convenient contact within the memberhip, at no additional cost to the society: savings on postage keep annual subs low.

The group is hosted by Google / one of its companies, and their terms and conditions apply.
Scanrail Googlegroup Membership (after receiving the invite) is controlled by the member via their Google Account /or as advised by Google.

The forum is hosted by Google Groups, and their temrs and conditions apply

Many members have built and exhibit model railways based on their preferred parts of Scandinavia.
Some of these are mentioned here on the Model Pages.

Facebook and the Forum will have details of their forthcoming exhibitions in its Diary

The forum/email list then makes it makes it easier for members to arrange to meet at such events

We are sure you will find something of interest to you.

Current annual membership fees are £ 15.00 (EU) and £ 20.00 (elsewhere).
Joint membership, for two people at the same address with one copy of the magazine, is £ 20.00

The membership year runs from 1st April. If you subscribe partway through the year,
you will receive the previously published editions of "Skandiapilen," so that you will
have a full set for your membership year.

If you would like to join, please contact The Membership Secretary,
either using the Details Shown below, or the Contact Form:

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Your name:

Your e-mail:

Your message:

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Website Updates: The site is being progressively updated - please report any problems to the webmaster via the Contact Page

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