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Members Sites - Model Railways are linked from the Model Pages - within each country.
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Useful Webpage for Swedish Stock information:

3 Growing Permanent-Exhbition Scenic Layouts in Sweden open to visitors - see Tåg Summer 2019 for details / links:

Kungsor Miniature Kingdom - use You Tube for videos and visit the website:Miniature Kingdom

Hässleholms Modelljärnvägsförening @56.14584 13.72816
Modelling 10+ stations of the local railway - to scale - in a fully scenic layout (A new construction area is using a winter theme)
Located within a large former army maintenance building, and with a cafe, free parking, and a small shop - selling Roco etc .
Automated digital running. Usual restricted hours

Minivärlden Ljungby / Föreningen TågCentralen @56.82771 13.92241
Originating from the donation by local doctor Dr Bent Schultzes, to the community, of his large model railway and miniature figures cast by himself, and now located in a previously rail-served industrial site. This is a growing exhibition with the addition of a fully scenic reconstruction of the local commumity's railway network - with scale reproductions of all the neighbouring buildings in the surrounding areas. 3D Printing and mass tree-production is in evidence as part of ths task. Usual limited openings in the summer

Other Clubs covering parts of Scandinavian Railways
Swedish Railway Club National Club - Publish Tåg Magazine - Website requires Javascript
Danish Railway Club National Club - Publish Jernbanen Magazine
Norwegian Railway Club National Club - Publish Pá Sporet Magazine
Mercurio - European Rail Server A place to search from
Lommedalsbanen Industrial Railway Museum and Links (Lenker)
Other Scandianvian Interest Model Railway Sites
Scandinavian Model Railways Interest Group (IGSE) Germany (in German) see revised link below ( updated October 2017 )
Interessengemeinschaft ScandinavischeEisenbahnen IGSE Est.2009
Modellrallaren - Swedenhttp://www.modellrallaren.comBookshop etc
NMRAhttp://www.nmra.orgUSA but has a superb set of links
Danish Model Railway Societyhttp://www.dmjk.dk0 Gauge 1:45
Norwegian Model Railway Societyhttp://www.mjf.noPublish MJ Bladet

Oslo Model Railway Blog Modular)
Trondheim Model Railway Club
Arendal Model Railway Club Modular)
The Grimstad Line Layout Article
The Sjuskogbanen Layout Article
NEW LINK: Mestarimallit NAME="Mestarimallit FinniManufacturer" Finnish Model Railway Manufacturer
Helsinki Model Railway Club Oldest Club in Finland
Allt om HobbySwedish Hobby MagazineSome old editions available via Readly. Now under new ownership
Swedish Narrow Gauge Society
Stockholm Model Railway Club Produce Kits
Malmö Model Railway Club
Gothenburg Model Railway Club (1:87)http://www.mrw1.seModel Railway Club West(coast)
Kalmar Model Railway Club (1:45)
Skövde Model Railway Club (1:45)http://www.wnj.seCelebrating 40 years

ALL the above links revalidated 17th September 2018

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