Scandinavia Railways Society Heading Image
Scandinavian Railways Society at Globalrail 2017 - Didcot

2 H0 Scandinavian layouts were at Globalrail, either side of the SRS stand with static display.
Didcot Civic Hall has level access and free parking - Show organised by the German Railway Society
. 20170521_140725.jpg - 42Kb

20170521_140737.jpg - 36Kb

Nick Quinn's Industriveg at Globalrail 2017 (above) and Nigel Hill's Svanda layout (below) 20170521_140530.jpg - 57Kb

20170521_140542.jpg - 59Kb

20170521_140549.jpg - 67Kb

20170521_140556.jpg - 67Kb

20170521_140624.jpg - 58Kb

20170521_140636.jpg - 49Kb

20170521_140646.jpg - 62Kb

20170521_140653.jpg - 65Kb

20170521_140636.jpg - 49Kb

20170521_140759.jpg - 63Kb

20170521_140822.jpg - 62Kb

20170521_140828.jpg - 54Kb

20170521_140839.jpg - 37Kb

20170521_140848.jpg - 51Kb

20170521_140915.jpg - 65Kb

20170521_141030.jpg - 61Kb

20170521_141039.jpg - 54Kb

20170521_141107.jpg - 59Kb

20170521_141122.jpg - 62Kb

20170521_141143.jpg - 53Kb

20170521_141148.jpg - 56Kb

20170521_141202.jpg - 55Kb

20170521_141229.jpg - 60Kb

20170521_141238.jpg - 69Kb

20170521_141322.jpg - 57Kb

20170521_141331.jpg - 60Kb

20170521_141342.jpg - 54Kb

20170521_141425.jpg - 60Kb

20170521_141530.jpg - 67Kb

20170521_141602.jpg - 49Kb

20170521_141710.jpg - 48Kb

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