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Modelling Scandinavian Railways
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Many SRS members model the railways of Scandinavia, and in a variety of Scales/Gauges from G to Z.
Examples and Links to member's own websites are featured below


by Patrick Grace
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Strömstad Model Photo Strömstad is a town on the West Coast of Sweden, north of Göteborg (Gothenburg), and is the northern terminus of Bohusbanan and was completed in 1903. The line was intended to continue north into Norway but lack of finance and the difficult terrain resulted in the project being abandoned. The station itself had minimal goods facilities, as there was a harbour branch with more facilities. The line was electrified in the 1950's, and is now a minimal station with a limited service to Gothenburg.

The model is based on the situation in the 1960's and runs to the summer 1965 timetable. Since the above photo was taken, ovehead electrication has been added to the layout.
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by Adrian Allum
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Swedish Class T44 on the FLMJ
The Fjällnäs Lövhöjden Månstorp Järnväg (FLMJ) represented the railways of Sweden in a 'heritage' manner as they were up to the early 1990s in HO scale. The railway was located at a "Park Home", and as there was not enough room indoors, it was built in the garden around it.

The raiway is currently dismantled due to relocation.

For more information on the FLMJ please visit the _Adnalms Järnvägsförening_ website.
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no_s.jpg - 3508 bytes b_layout.jpg - 12Kb bs_camera.jpg - 3494 bytes Norwegian Branchline
Layout Coming Soon
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Search for You Tube Videos available on line
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Somewhere in Scandinavia
New Skandi-Demo from Phil and Lin Spiegelhalter
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Tri-level Helix-connected Through Running Layout viewable from all 4 sides -
representing typical Swedish/Scandinavian Styles and the Malmsbanan Iron Ore Line. 'Skandi-Demo2' 5.4m x 1.5m Roco dcc

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