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Gamle Carlsberg in 0e by Tony and Kate Bennett  
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There are several You Tube Videos of Gamle Carlsberg filmed at various exhibitions

The model is to a scale of 1/45th or 0e. The narrow gauge stock runs on 16.5mm gauge track (the same as 00) but has a scale of approximately 7mm per foot hence its British name of 7mm Narrow gauge. The track is by Peco and points are operated by motors.
The locomotives and points are all controlled by a Lenz DCC system. This is essential as the layout deliberately has no run-around and so to shunt the wagons around two locomotives are needed.
To keep the operators on their toes this requires them to shunt the eight wagons around into a randomly generated configuration. To complicate their task goods also need delivering to the maintenance crew, coal to the boilers and there are occasional tours for VIPs around the system.
Most of the rolling stock are from the Fleischmann Magic Train range. These are very good models in themselves but have been detailed, repainted and weathered to make them even more realistic.

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Brewery buildings are enormous and just one would be bigger than this entire layout and so like most models the prototypes have been shortened.
On the map of the Brewery in 1929 note the relatively small area occupied by Gamle Carlsberg.
The buildings of Gamle Carlsberg were erected from the 1860s to the 1880s and although they had an overall similar style there were differences between individual buildings (look at the photographs).
The model tries to show these variations and to give a look at some of the different processes and activities that take place at a brewery.
Look into the buildings to see the inside of the malt house, the copper in the brew house, the coopers, laboratory, offices and stable.
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The buildings are constructed from foam board covered with Howard scenics brick paper, windows are from resin castings and doors usually scratch built from card.
The model is deliberately impressionistic in many respects and concentrates on capturing the overall feel and nature of the place rather than the last nut and bolt.
The model wouldn't be complete without an Elephant Tower. In Danish society elephants have a special position. The equivalent to the Order of the Garter in the UK is the Order of the Elephant and Elephant Beer is one of Carlsberg's best beers. The real elephant tower is one of the most well known sights of København.

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Carlsberg still maintains a fleet of horse drawn drays today and they are pulled by a distinctive breed of horses called Jyllands (Jutlands in English).
It was seeing a model of the dray that set the process going which resulted in this layout; which has taken 3 years to build.

If you have any questions about the prototype or the model and how it was made; please don't hesitate to ask - after all it is probably the best ...

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