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Industrivej  by Nicholas Quinn  
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My layout is "Industrivej" it is set in the 1990's in Denmark and represents an industrial area near a port.
It is inspired by Alan Stovring-Neilsen' s series of books "Med gods pa Krogen- og andere jernbanemotiver"
("With goods on the draw-hook and other railway motifs").

1455-rh-progress.jpg - 20Kb
Early Days of Construction
industrivej_14073.jpg - 11Kb industrivej_14256.jpg - 15Kb
industrivej-shunting.jpg - 15Kb
And once the flower beds have blossomed
mh401-shunting-stena.jpg - 16Kb 
mz1414-shunts-stena-metal.jpg - 20Kb dsb-scrap-loads2.jpg - 26Kb
dlg-silo-industrivej.jpg - 11Kb 14527-stena2.jpg - 14Kb
silo-on-bench.jpg - 18Kb veteransgodstog-2.jpg - 18Kb
dsb-scrap-loads1.jpg - 23Kb db-type-e-open-wagon2.jpg - 19Kb
dbag-gos-van.jpg - 15Kb
dlg-silo-industrivej.jpg - 11Kb

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