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Modelling Scandinavian Railways - Norwegian Models
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Examples of Norwegian Railway Models

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NSB Type 7 coach (NMJ)) NSB EL 18 (Swiss Re460) Di5 (DB V60)
Flåmbanan (NMJ) Flåmbanan EL 17 NSB type 61 (ex DR Class 57)
NSB A3 Power Door Coach (NMJ) NSB EL 16 NSB Class 63a ex DR Class 52
NSB WLAB 3 Sleeper (NMJ) NSB EL 13 (NMJ) NSB Cmbo9 (ex DR VT137 BC4vT)
NSB wooden body sleeper (Roco) NSB EL 14 (Lima) NSB Bm69 EMU
NSB wooden body 3rd (Roco) NSB Di6 (Hobbytrade) NSB Bm93 Talent
Norsk Hydro Wagon (Rivarossi) NSB NOHAB Di3 (Roco shown)NSB Bm73b

Norwegian supplier NMJ produce highly detailed Models in their 'Superfine' Series. Their examples above are 'Topline' series
At present, UK orders directly from NMJ must use their German (Inside EC) online store. NMJ and Roco work together with NSB Starter Sets
Other Norwegian retailers without any branch inside the EU may still be able to provide VAT refunded purchases
The Flåmbanan is now using Top-and-tailed EL 18's for their Services - as usual; with multiple braking systems.
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