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dm3model.jpg - 49Kb

A Selection of Swedish Railway Models available in H0
sj_sd.jpg - 23Kb Marklin or Trix S class 2-6-2T

Heljan SJ Litra (Class) F 4-6-2

Marklin or Trix type G (Prussian built) 0-8-0

Heljan SJ T21

Marklin or Trix T44 (also Jeco-DJH)

Heljan NOHAB TMY101 shown (also Roco, Fleischmann..)

sj_e.jpg - 23Kb Marklin or Trix SJ Ue

Roco Da (or Marklin / Trix)

Lima or Fleischmann SJ Rc 2 or 3 orange (or blue)
Drive on 1 bogie only. 'Coarse' wheels

Roco SJ Rc6 blue    4-axle drive from central motor

Roco SJ Rc6 grey    Directional lighting now LEDs on

Roco SJ Rc6 black    new versions released (Rc2 latest)

sj_coaches.jpg - 45Kb Marklin or Trix Wooden bodied 4-wheel balcony coach

balcony brake/guards van (Newspapers example) 1960's?

Heljan 32xx coach 1930's

Lima SJ Restaurant 1940's

Fleischmann (short) SJ coach Bo5

Pa Sporet commuter coach C06 1940

NMJ SJ blue livery 1960's A2,B2,

Roco SJ blue Livery 1980's..

sj_units.jpg - 52Kb Y1 (drawing) - now released by ONE 87 H0 models   The mainstay of the Inlandsbanan

Jeco Y6 or Y7 'Date Box' SJ Railcar   The ubiqitous standard now used in preservation

Heljan Y2K 'Kustpilen' / Hans Anderson for DSB   Danish design

Jeco X2 loco for X2000 Original Livery (25 years ago)

Jeco X2 loco for X2000   Current Livery

NMJ brown livery 1960's

Roco SJ type 7 black livery 1980's in a current livery

Roco type 7 blue livery (high speed x2000 substitute)

Some Swedish Goods Wagons will be added later - specialist features: timber / log transport and wide loading gauge.
Some UIC standard design coaches used on International Services to 'The Continent'. Current sleepers only avaible by conversion kit
Some 1960's built coaches still in use with 'new private operators' on Cross-county routes, and older Restaurant cars in Sleeper trains
Swedish coaching stock seems to be expected to have a long working life (albeit with refurbishment and repaints)

Missing from 'ready-to-run' ranges are the large number of Electric Multiple Units used for Commuting - and now being replaced with Swedish (wider bodied) versions of modern European manufacturer-designed stock.

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