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Bm 72035
Bm72 035 pauses at Lillestrøm
with a service to Eidsvoll on 27 Jun 2005
[Photo: Enid C. Vincent]

Bm 73143

Bm73 143 arrives at Halden
with a service from Oslo on 27 Jun 2005
[Photo: Enid C. Vincent]
Rc2 006
TÅGAB Rc2 006 (ex Austrian)
arrives at Halden on 27 June 2005
with a timber train for the local sawmill
[Photo: Phil Lockwood]
Bm 93.12
Bm93.12 departing Hamar Station
working a service to Røros on 27 Jun 2005
[Photo: Phil Lockwood]
A Flytoget class Bm71 EMU departs from Oslo
with a service to the airport in June 2005
[Photo: Phil Lockwood]
Di 3 626 pauses at Åndalsnes
after working the through sleeper coaches from
Oslo down the branch from Dombås in 1997
[Photo: Phil Lockwood]
Di 4 651 arrives at Dombås
with a train from Åndalsnes in 1997
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]

E 9 2063 at Flåm with a train for Myrdal
in 1978.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]

El16 and El11
Bergen station in 1992.
E 16 2215 waits to depart to Oslo
while E 11 2099 backs out of the station
after working a through train from Flåm.
[Phil Lockwood.]
E 13 2121 with an engineer's train
at Ustaoset in 1992
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]>
E 14 2179 passes through Oppdal
with a freight train to Trondheim in 1997
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]

El15 & Dm3
Narvik station in 1991
An E 15 waits to depart to Fagernes docks
with an excursion for a cruise liner
whilst SJ Dm3 1246+1247+1248 named Oscar pauses between duties
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
E 16 2203 (in original livery) with a Bergen - Oslo express at Finse in 1978
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
E 17 2232 with an Oslo-Stavanger Express
Asker in 1996
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
E 18 2259 with an Oslo-Trondheim Express
Hamar in 2005
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]
SJ Rc2 1097 at Narvik
with a train from Stockholm in 1999
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
DEMU Bm92 09 stabled at Oppdal in 1997
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]

Ammonia Ferry Telemark
Ammonia Ferry of Norsk Hydro in Telemark Tinnsjø Railway
The only remaining steam powered rail ferry

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