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Rc6 1392 at Åre with a
Stockholm to Storlien train in 1997.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Dm3 982+983+984 heading east at Björkliden
with an empty iron ore train in 1995.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
TGOJ T43 243 (ex SJ) on a Banverket train
at Kiruna in 1995.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Rc4 in original livery at Kiruna in 1995.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Inlandsbanan Y1 railbusses
Inlandsbanan Y1 railbusses at Vajkijaur with an
Östersund to Gällivare service in 2006.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Connex Rc6
Connex livered Rc6 1326 at Gällivare
with a Luleå to Narvik train in 2006.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Tågkompaniet El16 24 (ex NSB) departs Östersund
with a train to Sundsvall in 2006.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Green Cargo T44
Green Cargo T44 413 arrives at Östersund (driven via radio control by the driver at the front of the loco) in 2006.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Ofotbanen Di 3 632 & 623 (ex NSB) at Östersund
with a loaded timber train for Skogn in Norway in 2006.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood.]
Dm3 1246+1247+1248 named Oscar heading east at Riksgränsen
with an empty iron ore train in 1999.
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]
El15 96 & 93 heading west at Riksgränsen
with a loaded iron ore train to Narvik in 1999.
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]
IORE 115+116 named Stenbacken and Stordalen
head south through Gällivare station
with a loaded iron ore train to Luleå in 2006.
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]
Green Cargo Rc
Rc4 1191 heading south through Gällivare
with a train of empty cement and bentonite tanks
for Luleå in 2006.
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]
NSB Di6 662 at Storlien border station
with a mixed freight from Norway in 1997.
[Photo: Phil Lockwood]
NSB Di8 709 & 718 waiting at Storlien border station
for a timber train which they will take to Skogn (Norway) in 1997.
[Photo: Enid C Vincent.]
An X2000 tilting EMU -
the flagship of Swedish railway travel!
[Photo: ]
X10 at Malmö Station
A Pagatåg X10 EMU at Malmö Station.
[Photo: P Grace.]
X2000 and X31 at Malmö Station
X31 (left) and X2000 (right) EMUs at Malmö Station.
[Photo: P Grace.]

Photos of the Anten Gräfsnäs Järnväg Taken by Patrick Grace in September 2004

Yp 103 at Anten
Yp Diesel Railcar No.103 at Anten
VGJ No. 24
VGJ 24 (4-6-0 NOHAB 1911) just arrived at Anten.
Turning No. 24
Turning No 24 at Gräfsnäs
Turning No. 24
(note assistance from passengers).
[Editorial Note: Since then, people have been kept back and now it is fenced off]

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