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Iramap.jpg - 74Kb Ira's pages
A Tour of Norway and Sweden by Rail and Hurtigruten organised through Ffestiniog Travel, and taken by one of our members from the USA.

Norway and Sweden 2019

Bonus Pictures:
(New Mexico)

Ira was corrupted as a youth by three trips on the Atlantic Coast Line to Florida. He studied at NYU and Northwestern Transportation Center (purple like the Atlantic Coast Line).
His first railroad job was selling tickets for the Long Island Railroad. His career spanned 41 years at the Illinois Central, Amtrak and Maryland Rail Commuter in Marketing, Planning and Operations.
He has had articles published in Trains, Classic Trains, Passenger Train Journal, the Keystone and other railroad journals. Oh yes, part of his honeymoon was on the Canadian in 1975.
IraTorontoUnionStation.jpg - 64Kb

  Adrian's Trips to Sweden
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Adrian's Website
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