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To promote interest in all aspects of the railways of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
as well as the lesser-known railways of Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
Skandiapilen is the Printed Journal of the Society produced at intervals throughout the year
The Facebook page and Forum postings also contain 'immediate' news items and posted photos etc

Winter Images from Scandinavia..
snowscenes.jpg - 125Kb
Over 600 visit and enjoy the Railway with a Traditional Christmas Market and Fika

finsex3.jpg - 162Kb
Finse Station is the highest in Norway, and has a Live HD Webcam - Google Search on Finse Station Webcam and select a link from the results
In the mornings you can watch the Maintenance Trains - which in Winter include the Snowblower - and other Station Snow Clearing Activity
Finse is located in the middle of the Oslo-Bergen Line, and Passenger trains are typically hauled by an EL18 and comprise 7 coaches.
Freight Trains are a combined Container and Trailer load hauled by Railpool Locos.

As Finse has no road access, freight is regularly delivered by a Freight from Bergen to Oslo which arrives around 21.00 each Friday night (when the Hotel is open). Walkie-Talkies then direct the Driver to stop with the apprporiate Curtain-Sided wagon's trailer in front-centre of the Webcam View.

The Station Crew and a Fork Lift then unload and reload the wagon - taking about 45 minutes. Occasionally Freight trains pass at Finse.

A guide as to the imminent approach of a train is the change in the flashing of the crossing lights visible in front of the Snow Shelter beyond the station on the Bergen Side.

nsbsnowblower - 37Kb

Roco Model of the NSB Snow Blower - 'Fully operational' with Sound, Lights, Spinning Blades, Rotating Body and Self Driving

blueWL4 - 25Kb ssrtWL4 - 20Kb
HNOL SJ Blue Period WL4 HNOL SSRT Grey WL4

blueWL6.jpg - 27Kb ssrtWL6.jpg - 22Kb
HNOL SJ Blue Period WL6 HNOL SSRT Grey WL6

blueBC4 - 25Kb ssrtBC4 - 22Kb
HNOL SJ Blue Period BC4 Lima SJ Brown Period WL2

black - 27Kb limaWL2 - 22Kb

Sleeper Use is Increasing in Scandinavia - and H0 Model Railaway layouts can now better represent the Swedish Options (HNOL WL6 WL4 and BC4)

Next Events:
The Society will have a Stand at the French Railway Society' Show in February 2020
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New Video Links: Available on You Tube:
4 videos:
A Day at the Narrow Gauge in Hasslaröd" and a Bonus 'Archive' Film
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Flåmbana Video Drivers Eye View on 4K Uphill from Flåm to Myrdal

Flåmbana Video Drivers Eye View on 4K Downhill from Mydalto Flåm

Details of many Shows can be found via the UK Modelshops Directory Website
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Admin Contacts Chairman: Tom Crame  Secretary:   Philip Bridge  Treasurer: Doug Attwood
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Narrow Gauge Versions of the Classic Swedish Railcar - on the Anten-Gräfnäs Railway in Sweden

Nene Valley Railway - Swedish Railcar and other International Stock
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