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Modelling Scandinavian Railways
Many SRS members model the railways of Scandinavia, in Scales/Gauges from G to Z.
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Many International Services also operate(d) -see example timetables in the Library         Many Layouts therefore run multi-national stock

Ready-to-Run supplies for N-Gauge are less abundant - Examples are Listed below - Many Scandinavian Clubs produce limited run kits in N and/or H0

Compiled from contributions by members to a discussion on the SRS Forum: E+OE
Ancient History: Wrenn MicroModels - sold the Lima N gauge range many years ago: This included a Swedish 2-6-2T Tank loco

DSB LocosM12799DieselNOHAB MYBlue/Gold
M12745DieselNOHAB MYRed/Grey
KK2888DieselNOHAB MYMaroon
FTog DillenElectricLitra EARed/Grey
DSB Railcars867422DieselDesiroSilver
(Arriva?)742001DieselDesiroBlue Trainguard
DSB CoachesA38282ndBlue/Red
Tog DillenLitra BNRed
DSB GoodsM15636ContainerSilver/Brown
M15663Van lwbBrown
M15645-12Sliding Panel VanSilver
R25350Large High BogieBrown
R25278Small HopperBlack
A4796Medium openBrown
DSB Goods837006Panel VanDSB GodsWhite
833501Sliding Wall vanDSB PostGrey
Tog DillenPostvognRed
Tog DillenLitra Hios-vWhite
F842610Dansk TankKobenhavnFawn
F837007Hbillns Van lwbbrown/Silver
F845333Pocket Wagon+Lauritzen lorryBrown/Red
F845315Pocket Wagon+DFDS lorryBrown/Blue
F852325Self Unloading HopperBlue
May be reliveries of standard items, and offered periodically

Du2 1c1 electric loco - nice body moulding Originally released late 70s, and recently re-released as a museum loco
Rc2 electric loco - Originally released early 1990s in red\orange livery, and also as the Austrian export batch
Recently re-released with DCC friendly chassis Rc6 in blue livery using Rc2 body moulding

SJ A3/B3/D46 express passenger coaches (first class/second class/luggage or postal). Originally lacking close-couplings.
Recently re-released as a historic set to go with the museum loco Du2
SJ blue telescopic steel carriers - recent release
DSB Bn coaches   DSB MQ (Br642) DMU
DSB sleeper Night livery coaches 3 pack - recent release
DSB 1980s style sliding wall vans (relatively recent release)
Various pocket wagons with HGV trailer loads, inc. GreenCargo, Bring Logistics, Maersk etc
HectorRail Siemens Taurus loco

DSB NOHAB C-C diesel loco, in original maroon and 1980s red\black DSB (Swed-N do decals to repaint into most other liveries)
HectorRail Re 474 (Siemens ES64) electric loco   
HectorRail G2000
diesel loco
GreenCargo Innofreight (wood chips?) containers on Rmms wagons

GreenCargo Re1429 electric loco
GreenCargo Zncs kerosine tankers (initial release a year or two ago, new batch with new numbers recently)
DSB couchette Night livery coaches - same prototype as Fleischmann ones
Various sliding wall vans, including Nordwaggon livery

Arnold NSB CargoNet Re1429 electric loco
Various sliding wall vans, especially variations on TransWaggon and NordWaggon
DHG700 diesel shunter suitable for SJ livery
Various pocket wagons including Maersk and DFDS (now part of Fleischmann range)
NSB steam era express coaches - DRG coaches masquerading?
Very good bogie sliding wall vans as TransWaggon and NordWaggon (now part of Arnold range)

MaK G1206 diesel suitable for repainting to Banverket livery
(Minitrix also do a G1700 which is similar)
Small suppliers: Links checked for validity 3rd Jan 2017
NModell - from Habo Hobby - many kits, including etched kits and resin loco bodies.
Ollie Frykmo's etches for a set of kits to convert Roco Eurofima coaches to 1980s era SJ coaches, as well as his scratch aid set of etches for Regina EMU seem to be available here only. They also did a set of SJ UAIS TREMPEX large bogie glass carrier wagons as a limited edition RTR - still available. Frykmodell - - various N scale Swedish kits including Hg electric loco and some luggage vans
etc., also scenery. I believe Ollie also has a hand-built X2000 set based on his own etches - but not advertised. - decals for repainting many common models into Scandinavian liveries
Möllehem Gårdsproduktion - - etched and 3D printed kits for Swedish locos and DMUs, including a T43 diesel.
Entec - - Etched kit for Y6 railcar (Togdillen do a resin moulding)
Togdillen - - Danish resin castings for various locos and DMUs. Not sure how the quality stacks up against some of the more recent stuff.
Really useful websites: - this is a database of pretty much every N scale model released RTR ever - site listing all Swedish N scale releases, but not updated since 2011
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